Just wanted to let you know that the small watercolor I purchased after hearing your interview with Charlie Hunter arrived today.

The painting is better in person than I thought it might be. EXCELLENT! EXCELLENT!

I'll continue to watch your website for updates.

Thank you.

Hello David -- I love the watercolor. I admire your approach and the use of one color. I know it's just a sketch but as a simple composition it has great movement. It's so easy for me to get lost in the weeds so I'm hoping I can gain a new perspective and work to get the essence down in my own work as I do love painting landscapes. Take care and paint on!

Needless to say we adore your work. Only wish we had room for more.

Don’t stop! It gets better and better.

It’s even lovelier in person. Thank you!

I have two original works by you. Love them!

What draws me to your art is the way you paint atmosphere. It’s the way you blend color and suggest form. I have a certain feeling when I look at your work. It’s remarkable how I can feel the chill or the morning or the evening. You don’t just paint things you paint feelings. And for a person who loves nature as I do, How can one help but to be drawn in?